Text 5 Apr Culinary Content Curation: 4/5

New coke? starts with Coca-Cola, reduces the soda by half and fortifies the result with demerara sugar, grilled pineapple, clove and anise.” I’m in. Not in the article but on my list: Back Bar’s ‘smoke n coke,’ described as a smoky twist on a cuba libre [Tasting Table via NYT]

Excitement for a new scene: This year, being a ‘most anticipated opening’ in NYC has been close to a death sentence, see, e.g., Romera, so it’s nice to see some excitement over newcomers Atera (Portland import, foraging expert) and the Nomad (EMP chef’s casual restaurant, save for the foie gras and truffle stuffed whole chicken). [Eater NY]

Music to your ears: Selectism, who has been straying more into foodie territory lately, rounds up a list of blogs to cook to, and a recipe for the ‘owl qaeda’ sushi roll. [Selectism]

Maybe the only thing better than a Cadbury egg: Bacon caramel filled chocolate eggs. From Vosges, of course. [Vosges Chocolates]

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